Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making Bonket

So many intended projects swirling in my head! I decided to give myself a small goal of finishing 2 of them last weekend: making Bonket, a family recipe from my husband's grandmother, and reclaiming yarn from an unwanted sweater (aka upcycling it). I simply wanted the practice of completing something from start to finish in a given time frame. Turns out the Bonket is a little labor intensive and took up most of the weekend free time, a good lesson about organizing time.

Bonket is a pastry roll with almond paste rolled up into it, it is delicious warm and of course with some coffee!

My sister in law sent me this recipe, the notes are hers

Recipe from Jacqueline Winchester Lammers


1 pound margarine or butter (I prefer to use butter)
4 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 cup ice water

Blend as for pie crust and chill well. Divide into eight equal pieces.


1 pound almond paste, crumbled
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1 egg white for brushing top of pastry stick

Mix well and chill. Cut into eight equal pieces.

Roll one-eighth of dough very thin – about 12 by 14 inch piece. Roll one eighth of filling into long pencil-shaped pieces about 13 inches long. Starting at the edge of the pastry, roll filling up into it. Seal ends and brush with egg white. Sprinkle with sugar.

Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet (I like to line with parchment paper) in a preheated oven at 450 degrees Farenheit until light brown – about 15 to 12 minutes. Remove from pan immediately.

The pastry and filling mixtures will keep in the refrigerator for about a week. Once baked, it keeps well for several days, and can be frozen. Each stick serves four and is best warmed through before serving.


Note: I think the Bonket is supposed to look a little fancier than mine came out, I was told poking holes in the roll might help. But the taste was right. Warning! if you make all 8 get them the ones you want to give away out of your house promptly, its too good to resist.

Maybe next week I will have a tutorial to post on upcycling yarn, but maybe not :)

Here's some thought on time management for hobbies and projects
  • read up on what you want to do first, noting what supplies you need. Having a clear picture of what you want to do and having everything together saves time.
  • some tasks are better to nickle and dime your time with, some here some there. Others seem more enjoyable and efficient to shut the world out for an hour and just finish
  • only do something if you really want to, and only finish something that's worth it, if 100 pages into a novel you're bored why bother?
Any tips or recipes to share?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Kid's Treasure Hunt

I have a little confession to make, its so embarrassing. Im one of "those moms" I didnt even realize it! I pushed 7 year old toys on my 4 year old only to wonder why he would get mad at them, had him reading by 4 and had a million LeapPad items to make him smarter plus a gazillion work books, all thinking he was extremely gifted and would become a peace prize winner at 12 LOL. well hes bright like lots of other kids mashaallah but im just stupid. while trying to be hyper mom one thing i didnt focus on was structure and chores bed time routine was about it and that thank God runs smoothly.
so hopefully now i know i can reform, maybe he'll forgive me one day :P

recently I decided to organize the toys bins. I tell the boys to clean and they complain they dont know where anything goes so I got rid of that problem. I printed labels with pictures on each bin of the most used toys

Bins have been looking great since then and I can see we have way too much stuff that doesnt fit in there, time for stuff to go! I noticed a pattern of certain things always kicking around on the floor. once night i decided instead of lecturing we'd have a Treasure Hunt and picked Dirty Socks on the Floor as the booty. Worked great!

and the best part of it, it played right into Zubayr's natural 6 year old desire to be "The Winner". just beating his brother at something is motivation enough. I dont think he really grasps the concept of a cleaner house being the prize. so we made Treasure Hunt Clues of things that are constantly a problem and set the timer to see who can get the most of each object.

Its been such a hit Zubayr asks me to do random Treasure Hunts, even though we built it into our bedtime routine. Uthman (3) kinda helps but he's in the stage where its super fabulous to be doing the opposite of what Mommy asks so Im just ignoring it, sometimes he puts one or two things away. Zubayr on the other hand is super proud to see his name in lights as the days winner. and im so happy i found a way to stop repeating myself and being ignored :)

Welcome to My Blog!

As salaamu alaikum & Hello!
Welcome to my blog. My name is Sakeenah, I am a Muslimah and SAHM/WAHM. I have three boys, 6y,3y and 7 weeks. Some days it seems like just getting a shower in is an amazing accomplishment, but there are many more things I want to fill my days with beyond the basics. I made this little blog so I could share any projects, crafts, websites ,etc I have completed so I could stay motivated to keep trying to finish things and try out new ideas. Looking forward to making new net friends and sharing with you all