Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mother's Footstool with Reclaimed Cherry Wood

I haven't had much time to start too many projects although I have some homemade recipe posts to put up soon inshaallah. Here is one from my zawj mashaallah.

Hubby is an aspiring woodworker. I asked him to make me a footstool for feeding the baby in the same shape as the Medela Nursing Stool. I had that stool for my first and the slant really helps to keep the back aligned straight when nursing, otherwise you are hunched over, repeat 8-12 times a day and it gets pretty uncomfortable. He wanted to start working with harder woods than pine but cost is a big issue with nicer woods. He found a 70's style end table on the curb in good condition and brought it home, stripped the paint and had some nice cherry wood to make this stool. He put inlayed mahogany stars for an artistic touch. He is using this photo as part of his interview for woodworking school, he's on his way now to Boston in the snow, make dua for that :)

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  1. Masha Allaah...Awww-wow, that is amazing! This looks better than the stool in the link lol, and that he made it for you warms my heart walhamdoulillaah. Your husband is very talented masha Allaah and I pray for him much success in Boston, Ameen (smiles)