Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Mysteries and a Sewing Machine

I dont really have much of a garden to speak of yet. I did kill all the tomatoes I tried to raise from seed, but my lettuce I planted from seed is doing OK. Its been a month since I planted them, I guess I'm expecting to have a full blown salad by now, hmm so clueless.

Here are some othering things mind boggling me in the garden, how did my cherry pepper plant end up outside of the planter??

And what is eating my basil?

Here is a nice little maple tree, sequestering CO2 and minding its own business. It is too close to our neighbor's fence and I know when we leave the landlord will get rid of it, so I'd like to find a medium sized container and try to dwarf it. I've never tried that, any tips?

Finally check out the sewing table my zawj brought home, someone was throwing it away so he grabbed it.
So of course we had to find a machine to go with it! Not sure if this will end up being a good buy  but its a start: We found an old Kenmore machine, its super heavy! Its so heavy i think it must have cast iron parts. The box is a little smelly, like mildew, so perhaps there is some water damage. I haven't had a chance to test it or look it up much, but hey it was half off day at Goodwill, cant go wrong there really ;)


  1. no sis. machine looks nice although box funny.

  2. ma shaa Allah sis, i have a sewing machine which i bough 2nd hand, the guy ( ma shaa Allah) used to fix machines, he had new ones but recommended a metal one as their more long lasting, so in shaa Allah this machine will be beneficial for u and long lasting also

    hayakiAllah <3

  3. mashaallah sister Sumayyah thanks for the feedback this is good to know!

  4. Nice looking machine! Let us know more how you like it when you try some projects!
    My vintage singer works fantastic but the foot controller broke down just yesterday... luckily I got another even older singer from my husband's mom so I could replace the controller and works ok now al-hamdulillah.

  5. Masha Allaah Sakinah, I love it, that's an awesome machine the old ones are always the best. My mother (May Allah have mercy on her) used to say that Kenmores were the better sewing machines and in fact she had a yellow one back when I was a kid that looked very similar to the one you have. She loved that thing, and hey your hubby can jazz up that table for ya Insha Allaah. I'm very happy for you. Let me know where I can help if you need it.

  6. @SlipStitches - MashaAllah ukhti thanks for noticing LOL, I was waiting for your opinion. its great to hear your Ummi's opinion on this kind of machine. Thanks so much for your offer of help my goal for this weekend is just to test it out and locate a manual inshaallah