Saturday, June 12, 2010

Handmade Party Favors (For Eid!)

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
Hey ladies hoping we can all continue to share ideas how to green up our Eid celebrations inshaAllah. Today was my latest exercise in forcing myself (and family) to be more social, we held a little party for my 7 year olds first grade class. We don't celebrate birthdays, but many kids around him do, so we wanted to do something fun for him so he didnt feel left out from that. The play place we went to took care of the party favors so that got me thinking again about the favors for Eid. It crossed my mind to look up crochet favors, who knows maybe there will be something to get started on early.

So here you go here are somethings I found:

 Photo Gallery from Martha Stewart I love love love #6 Tea and Cookies box and #31 Teacup with Tea but more for the grownups, #32 the fabric scrap goody bags look great to avoid plastic.

Ideas for the girls: links go to patterns for sale on etsy,
crochet mini wallets
some free ones here
crochet flower bookmarks
crochet tea and saucer! might take some extra time but hey its Ramadan its all sadaqa!

would love to look for some more but kids are starting to cry!
Any more ideas anyone??


  1. Did you change your blog address!?
    I was bookmarking you but then it disappeared... but I found you again! :D
    I love the paper lantern vase and the pie to go!

  2. I did change it, but I didn't know it would change everyone's bookmarks, sorry about that! Thanks for finding me again ukhti. Thanks for looking I am going to attempt some of the little coin purses inshaallah. Btw I love your soaps mashaallah.

  3. I couldn't find you either, I saw this via Multiply.