Monday, June 28, 2010

A Whole Lotta Cloth Diapers at .01!

I was crusuing ebay looking at cloth diapers, my newest obsession, and found a seller with a whole lotta cloth diapers on ebay. They are all starting at .01  and many with free international shipping! They are all in one style with an insert included in the auction.

I just bought a lot of pre-owned diapers, I was happy to get 10 for $3.70 each with shipping, but the catch is I'm still defunking them! I will go try to grab some new at the same price. Happy Hunting!

~View the ebay listings here~


Ok check this out I just won a diaper for one cent $4.99 shipping from this other seller (click to go to auctions!, no competition so i got on the first bid, i saw other getting for 26 cents or a dollar. IT coming from Hong Kong I dont know how its so cheap I hope no kid missed school to make it, LOL. So Im willing to be the guinea pig if you all want to stay tuned. Oh and please ignore the "this diaper will bring you happiness and blessings" ummm I think that's a tad shirky as its written ;)

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