Sunday, July 4, 2010

A 7 Day Menu #1

When I make a menu for the week my life is soooo much simplier, when i fall off track and have nothign prepared we end up eating alot of pizza and junk, which is nice sometimes but not how I want it for a full week. Alhamdulillah My zawj volunteered to go veg two nights a week, instead of the one we had been trying before, Allahu Akbar!

Day 1 (Veg) Spinach Ricotta Pie with Feta, Chicpea Burgers on the side, no bun

Day 2 Balsamic Chicken Thighs side: rice and red lentils with cilantro and tomato if available seasonally. if not then lemon juice and salt

Day 3 (Veg) Soup and Sandwich night! Summer Squash Soup with leftover Chicpea Burgers from day one. Replace the combo of water and bullion with chicken stock, who needs the MSG?. Buy Squash organic as squash is a crop that is most likely to be GM.
Side for the soup: Basil Cheese Breadsticks (might make 2)

Day 4 Spaghetti with meat sauce, (easy for a break) use left over breadsticks for the side (if there are any!)
to make meat sauce I brown 1/2-1 pound ground beef with fennel seeds, then just dump in spaghetti sauce with veggies, if there is alot of grease i will drain it, but if a little or more I will just leave it in for flavor.

Day 5 BBQ Chicken Sandwiches in the Crockpot sorry lots of sandwiches, im in that mood.
with a salad before serving and oven baked sweet potato chips on the side.
will be throwing in some drumsticks to show up later

Day 6 - Whatever, usually we end up eating out of the house one day a week.

Day 7 Kid friendly- BBQ chicken drumsticks from day 5 spicy-sweet slaw and homemade mac n cheese (below). please use organic canola oil on the slaw or it will be GM.

Homemade Mac N Cheese

Category:   Pasta
Style:   American
Special Consideration:   Kids
Servings:   3-4

Here is an easy recipe for the kids.
Zubayr gives this the double thumbs up, the highest so far in his rating system. He says its better than the box mixes so that's what we are sticking to for now, one less thing to buy makes it easy
Easy Kids Meal or Side
no need for a box mix

pasta, shells, wagon wheels, elbows
cheddar cheese, a handful or two grated (can wait to grate)
2 T butter

Make pasta according to package directions, drain but do not rinse, you need to keep the heat
while hot add in the butter and diver it with the pasta.
Grate the cheese while the butter melts then throw on top of pasta
while stirring add a small splash of milk

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