Sunday, August 22, 2010

WAH Arabic freelance translation job

As salaamu alaikum
Sharing a little Ramadan cheer, hopefully here are some blessings for someone

I have updated my website page where I post WAH Arabic freelance translation jobs
found a good one hope you enjoy:

I don't speak Arabic fluently but I know many who do. Periodically I search out work at home jobs that are looking for freelance Arabic translation and post for you all to benefit. Hope you enjoy, if you've found this page useful please share with others!

The page has become popular since first listing it so I'll continue to search for translation jobs .
Want to make a couple hundred today translating Arabic from home??

Read here!

hey P.S. there's a link at the bottom of the article to share, please do, I worked hard on this post so please don't copy and paste :D

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