Friday, September 3, 2010

Painting Class

My six week Intro to Painting class is over. It was so great to leave the house for just a short little while. Well, I have 3 under 7 can you imagine how excited I was to have a date with myself for 2 hours painting, mashaAllah.

The first three to four weeks we worked on a value study where we painted a still life in gray scale. First we had to sketch it directly onto a canvas which ended up being harder than I thought. It brought back memories when i used to tote around my sketchbook everywhere, it's so therapeutic you can obsess and be a perfectionist about something and no one's feelings get hurt.

I wanted to try out acrylic paint, it ended up being sort of frustrating as it dries so quickly, oil is much slower and forgiving.

So here is the end result, I'd like to upload clearer pictures when I find my camera, it's around here somewhere hiding with my missing eyeglasses.

I managed to erase some of the lid when putting in my background, opps!

Next we tried a picture in color, we were told to pick something one color. All I had was Everyday Food Mag so I ended up with a plum :D

InshaAllah I will finish it next time as I signed up for another session. The classes feel a little rushed and there's a lot left out, it's a park system's program not prep for art school, so just having fun, trying to rediscover an old hobby, inshaAllah

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