Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review: Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

MashaAllah this is a really fantastic cleanser. I have been looking for a face wash that is 100% natural. I have been trying to get my husband on board with face cleansers (vs just soap) so it had to be not too flowery or complicated either. Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash seems to fit the bill.

You can find it at, first time shoppers can use code SAK105 for $5 off

It has a castile soap base with Organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi and a host of other good, natural ingedients. It contains No alcohol, artificial detergents, artificial color, synthetic perfumes or synthetic ingredients. Fragrance is a big deal for me, why would I buy a face cleanser that makes my face react?

We've been using it daily for a few weeks and I have noticed that our pores seems to have shrunk and are not as visible mashaAllah. Highly recommended. It is very economical too as one pump is enough and you can buy refills. Refills are great too so you don't have to throw out the plastic pump each time.

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  1. Lol, my husband is the same way...thanks for posting this, I think I have seen this product on the store shelf too. I am sure to look for it next trip Insha Allaah.