Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today I am wondering lots of things, thinking over many questions.

How does a child fall through the cracks? How does he reach the end of high school hiding homework and afraid to ask for help? How can no one notice?! When a teacher turns to ask a child a question how is it possible that she says, "Did you leave your brain at home today?" instead of, "Why don't you stay after class for some extra help?" How is it possible for a child to be "lazy". What a tradegy! One who's legacy continues on and on a life time. How amazing are these children, alhamdulillah, that push onward in spite of this. But what about the ones who never understand how they became to be so "worthless" and "stupid". What about the destrcutive behavior that follows this, who is to blame?

Why don't they pay attention to these children, struggling in the background? Racism? Classism? Better to focus on the ones who will elevate the test scores? How sad, how very, very sad!

Alhamdulillah for Islam, that puts the pursuit of knowledge up on a pedestal for the sake of bettering yourself, for the sake of guarding your worship, for the sake of just learning because it delights human beings to do so, for the sake of enlightening mankind.

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