Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you have to survive on one income to homeschool?

I have heard many times from homeschoolers that they find it hard to get by on one income, but find it just a fact of homeschooling life. It doesn't have to be this way! Homeschoolers by nature are a resourceful, creative bunch. This is exactly the attitude you have to have to make your way to finding an extra source of income that works for your family.

Freelance Work
The best part of freelance work is the ability to set your own hours, take on projects with set due dates, and of course working from home. I had to find something to do at home that did not involve phones. My sons are 8, 4 and 1 and don't provide the noise-free background that customer service companies require. I discovered the world of freelance transcription, proofreading, and content writing.  I also develop websites from time to time.

Basically, there is a whole world of phone-free freelance jobs. It just takes some patience and willingness to increase your skill set. This topic is another post, err website, of its own (coming soon inshaAllah ;). You can visit Transcription Haven and introduce yourself to get info on freelance transcription, these ladies are super helpful!

Handmade Goods
As the world becomes more and more automated, as cheap, toxic goods continue to poor out of factories around the world, handmade items become more desirable, more profitable, and just plain good for the world. We can turn back the swelling tide of loss of workers' rights and world exploitation for the manufacture of goods by putting things into our own hands, literally. Teach you and your child a handmade art. You can promote your wares on your own website or sell it on etsy! It can be bonding experience with tons of great life lessons to be learned, and it's fun!

Want some inspiration? Check out what Sabina is doing at Slip Stitches and More!

Selling on Auction Sites Like eBay
Selling on eBay can be a great way to bring extra income into your home. To start, look around the house for usable things that you no longer want or haven't used in a long time. Try your hand at selling these items by taking a picture, writing a good description and listing on eBay. Be sure to communicate well with your buyer and ship in a timely manner. Once you have built up some confidence and some good feedback you can venture onto bigger sales.  Look for wholesale opportunities that might be unique to your area or circle of personal connections.

On the Fringe
Another money making endeavor of mine is buying and selling domain names. I'm not a pro at it, but I have made some sales I am very happy with, mashaAllah. I enjoy this "hobby" because I can sell virtual goods, so there is no environmental guilt associated with this. I would love to hit the big time one day with it, inshaAllah. The best way to learn about this is to visit a known domainers forum like Name Pros and just read for a while before making a purchase, you will hear this advice time and again, please heed it.

I hope these ideas have got your wheels turning! Please chime in with your own ideas, I'd love to hear them.


  1. As salaamu alaikum.
    Firstly thanks so much for the mention (smiles).
    You have shared some valuable advice here (I'm taking notes). Btw,I would love for you to do an in depth post about ebay. I need help.

  2. wa laykum salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu, you're very welcome mashaallah.
    I sure can try to do a post about ebay, inshaAllah. Let me know what you'd like to know more about, I might need some ideas to get started.

  3. Very nice post. I have done some eBay, and i was actually reading a newsletter that shared ideas on how to be really successful. I have also use eBay as a fundraiser for Al mMun Fund. I would love to hear you

  4. Salaamu alayki sister,

    This post has made my day, as I a currently work as a freelance author,and am in the process of starting a business virtually similar to what you are doing, ( content writing, transcribing, etc.) I have posted to WAHM searching for someone (muslim) that can give me some pointers. Someone that is already successful at this. Because there are many non Muslim women out there that I admire tremendously for their help, through services they provide, which made me wonder,why aren't there any Muslims doing what they do!Networking through teaching, coaching, mentoring and the like, so that we all can benefit financially by way of the various talents that we possess.

  5. @Umm Idris - ok looks like an eBay post should be in the works, I may recycle some tips I posted on multiply at first but inshaAllah will add new things too

    @Yasmin - wa laykum salaam wa rahmatullah! It is very nice to meet you ukhti. I have been on WAHM but I guess I missed your post, I haven't been on there in a little bit though. I am so happy that there are so many ways for sisters to work from home, I'm happy to network with you and share ideas.
    Btw, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is one of my favorite books too, never seen the movie though it is one of those books that was so visual for me if feel like I have the movie in my head already :)
    Are you blogging?

  6. Just stopped back by to tell you I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award, please stop by to pick it up: