Friday, July 8, 2011

How to keep up with older children?

Alhamdulillah if I give my 8 yo son lessons for the day he is pretty occupied, well except language arts which he detests and I am thinking of ways to sneak it in. But it's the summer, I'm not doing lessons and I love to go places with them, we like learning this way too. Every outing I come up with is boring now, the library, parks, little kids museums, he is over it. The littler ones are still down for it, but he is getting to an age where I'm not sure how to entertain him. He wants to get into extreme sports like mountain biking and snow boarding, hockey, any thing with a high excitement level, and he also wants to take apart electronics and build new things, both of these things are out of my realm. This raises concerns for me about continuing on with homeschooling, how do I do this when I start to feel like I can't keep up? Or have littler ones who want to do different things and we are all together all day?

So I'm putting the question out to parents, even if you don't homeschool how do you accommodate kids of varying ages? And how did your activities change as your children get closer to the tween years?


  1. Assalaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh...hey sis, i'm not a parent, but my sisters and I have experience homeschooling my little brother and sisters who are all of different ages (8,9,11,14) and sometimes it can be difficult trying to find games and things to keep them busy during the summer. Some things we could suggest for your 8 yo son is to try to enroll him in martial arts programs for kids, thats what we did for my little brother and he really enjoyed it, also you can look for soccer programs locally and also enroll him in those things, since he's getting older he might be really interested in these kinds of things. This will give you time with the younger ones so then you can focus on them. And the time that your son is with you, you can give him the lessons you do. I hope this will be of some help and if we think of anything else we'll be sure to let you know inshaa allaah.

  2. As Salaamu alaiki, I'm not a parent but here's my opinion. I believe at this age kids tend to become slightly more stable in what their likes are, and this is the point where you should take the opportunity to help along their personality to go in the correct direction.

    I don't how much different home schooled kids are than public school kids, but it sure seems they are on different levels. However, this idea of extreme sports is a little scary. If I was a mother I'd be worried as well.Firstly, I'd advice you to try to discourage this dangerous idea. Perhaps he's seen this on t.v. or the internet? I would try to discreetly get him away from it where ever it pops up. Maybe show him some accidents that happened during these sports?I know it's hard to connect to kids who are being influenced by someone else.( I'm not too old to not remember so bear with me)

    I agree with the above comment, martial arts is a good idea,and there are some Muslim who have classes. There are also some martial arts moves? online. Just make sure you mention to him & the instructor that you don't bow because in Islam we bow only to the Creator,as it is a kind of worship. (tho you may already know this, just wanted to mention it again)
    Also, soccer,baseball,etc. are good way to stay active and such. However, some uniforms are inappropriate,so I'd stick to the ones where there isn't much questionable practices involved.

    Some things you and all the kids could do, would involve things like learning to build using wood,or electricity. Since,this is a boy, I have not alot of ideas. Perhaps, the boys could do one thing and you and the girls(?) could do something else. And then share your projects with each other while explaining how they were done.
    I know there are tons of tutorials on youtube of ribbon rose making,purses,building toy planes and even science projects.
    Here are a few channels to check out insha Allaah

    (a little harder but maybe your husband could help)

    Sorry I wrote a lot, I hope the links help,inshaa Allaah.

    About the language arts, I'd stick to teaching the little ones, while the older ones are around. Maybe by teaching them, the older kids might join in,inshaa Allaah. They could be your assistant. Blackboards are something any kids would want to use. So maybe that could be the compromise. They get to write, while you teach L.A. Check out Blackboard Stickers online.

    I'm not very educated when it comes to teaching kids, so let me know what you think, and of any success inshaa Allaah.
    May Allaah subhanahu wa ta'ala grant us tawfeeq. Ameen
    As Salaamu alaiki

  3. As salaamu alaikum Anonymous 1 & 2, thanks for the replies. thanks for all the links and suggestions. It is amazing sister (1) that you help homeschool your siblings. I hope to find some homeschool centered activities to enroll him in when we move shortly, if we keep going this route.

    Sister #2 - thanks again, I dont exactly think I want to discourage my son from sports, extreme or otherwise, but I understand what you are saying.

    Thanks for stopping by