Friday, August 5, 2011

Side WAH Job: Titling for Demand Media - Pays Twice Weekly, No Phones!

I've been following this great blog Work At Home Adventures and have been intrigued by the woman who runs it claiming she makes really great money doing "Titling" for Demand Media. She has written up a great guide, so to avoid reposting much of it as an explanation, here's the link.

And here is another similar post

The FAQ page at Demand Media has information too, of course
search for "titling" to find that section

Applying for this work at home job is super easy. You just send an email to saying I'm interested in testing for any position you have, or pick one that sound good and ask for that one. I asked for Title Editor and got the email right away about testing.

I am currently trying out the Title Editor position. I want a fall back for my main egg, which sometimes has no work and twice weekly paypal payments just sounds wonderful! And you don't need to submit a resume until you've already been accepted, which might make it easier if you are new to working from home and don't have one drafted yet. I think in the future I may want to try for a different titling position, as it seems like you can go fast with and earn more with some of the other positions, but for now I will have fun trying this one out.

Hopes this helps someone