Sunday, December 15, 2013

Talk Crochet on Crochet Forums' Facebook Page

Do you love to crochet, or even want to learn? Why not join Crochet Forums' Facebook Page and chat with other crochet enthusiast?

When I started a new site, Crochet Forums, it was my hope to not just have an active website, but to build a community, so I have been busy trying to build up a presence and support network all over the web.

We'd love to see some new faces, so stop by and say hi!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

How to Choose a Vet for Your Guinea Pig

We have 2 adorable class pets in our home mashaallah. Our 2 fur babies are guinea pigs and I have learned a lot along the way about caring for them. Here's some advice on finding your little friends a vet.

Choosing the right veterinarian for your guinea pig is a very important decision. While going to the nearest vet is convenient, it’s usually not the best choice. Guinea pigs are considered exotic pets and require care from an exotic animal vet. They know the special requirements of these animals that a dog and cat vet will not. Sadly, I have heard a few times from guinea pig owners that a regular vet has declared a guinea pig’s condition hopeless and recommended euthanasia. A second opinion from an exotic pet vet yielded a much different prognosis!

The best place to look for a guinea pig vet is the vet directory on Guinea Pig Zone: Once you narrow your choice down, check out further reviews on Yelp and compare. Call the vet's office and make sure they do indeed still treat guinea pigs. Once you have some experience with a vet, don’t forget to help out others and leave your own review.

Ideally, you should have a vet picked out before getting your guinea pig, and most shelters will require a vet’s name on the adoption application. In an emergency, call the nearest animal hospital and ask them if they have an exotics’ vet on staff. They will usually help you find one if they don’t, but just be prepared to pay more for these types of visits.

You’ve decided a guinea pig is right for you, found your ideal vet, so what’s next? Setting up your cage and starting your adoption search! Stay tuned for more on these topics.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Plastic Charm Necklaces - 80s Flashbacks

I have vivid memories of ‘80s plastic charm necklaces. These were a big hit at recess time. The necklaces were plastic links that had enough room to clip on various charms. The charms were all fun, some were a little wacky and weird, each had a little bell. All the girls would wear their plastic charm necklaces to school and at recess time would gather round to see what charms everyone had gotten new.

I remember everyone wanted the toilet because we were kids and that was just too funny. My favorite was a little blue book that had a button on the side to close it. The pages were different colors and I used to write little secrets in there. I so wish I had kept these. It is so tempting to go to eBay and buy some, but they can be a hot item and all my cash goes to da bills these days.

I hope you enjoyed my 1980s plastic charm necklace flashback.

Do you have a favorite flashback?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fix for the Error Message on eBay Shipping: System Unavailable. Please Try Again Later.

If you are an eBay seller or even just trying to declutter to make some money, you have probably encountered this annoying error when trying to print a shipping label: "System Unavailable. Please Try Again Later". Don't try the same way again later, or you might be waiting for days to print your label and making your eBay buyers pretty mad.

This is a known bug in eBay's system. Shipping an eBay label through Paypal now redirects you through eBay's system, so the issues is there whether you print through eBay or Paypal. No word on how long it will take to fix, but in the meantime try these steps:

  • Clear your cache and cookies and retry.
  • Try a different browser. I can't print a shipping label from eBay or PayPal using Firefox. I can always print the shipping label from Chrome without problems.
  • Confirm every part of the buyer's address and edit out an errors. PayPal is really fickle about this.
  • Try printing through the order details instead.
  • Try another computer (really annoying, I know!)
  • Call eBay and tell them to get a move on fixing it!

Hope this helps!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Locket App Review - Make Extra Money With Your Phone

Locket is a new Android app that you can use to make some extra money with your phone. I have had it installed for over a week now and enjoy using it. It's slow money, but it is paying you to do something you would be doing anyway; simply unlocking your phone.

What You Should Know First
Currently Locket is only available for Android and to US users. As answered on Locket's Facebook page, the app uses GPS to provide local ads and coupons.

What it Does

Locket places an ad on your cellphone's lock screen instead of your background image. You can swipe right to unlock your phone as usual or swipe left to interact with the ad. So far, all the ads I have seen pay 1 penny. If you think about how often you interact with your phone, you can see it will eventually add up.

Making Money and Cashing Out
As mentioned, each Locket ad pays about $0.01, so you won't get rich quick here. But in the 8 days I have had the Locket app installed, I have made $0.82. It is fun for me because I'm not doing anything different. Not all ads pay out if you have seen them recently. According to Locket, they pay based on how often you naturally unlock your phone. The more often you use your phone, the more you will make.

Bonuses are randomly given out to loyal users. Cash out is at $10, and I will update how long it took me to get there. Locket pays with Paypal, so you are getting cash, not points! Locket pays out on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, and you need to have your request for payment made one week ahead.

Sweepstakes for $300
In the month of October, Locket is offering a sweepstakes where active Locket users can win $300. You just need to enter once, and as long as you are using the app, you will be entered every day. If you refer friends using your referral link and they win, you win the same!

Locket Sign Up
To give Locket a try or learn more, click here.
Please let me know if you try it out and how it's going for you in the comments section.

Disclosure: I was not asked to provide this review and it is my honest opinion. This post does contain my affiliate link

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review of the Wide Headband Under Scarf from Ummi's House

The Ultimate Hijab Accessory

There’s nothing more embarrassing than standing in line at the bank and having your underscarf slowly slip down the back of your head and plunk to the ground. Ok, well maybe some other things falling out of your overgarments, but I’m not sure what it would be and don’t think we need to go there.

But anyway, underscarves are so important to any hijab ensemble, especially if you are wearing overhead khimars. A bad one can make your day miserable, and a good one can put a spring in your step. To be considered for out-and-about wear, it has to feel comfortable, have good stretch, look nice if showing and stay put. Did you read that last one? Why can’t these things just stay on?? It’s actually hard to find all these qualities in one.

Well, what if I told you, you could have all that and have your underscarf go from covered to cute with a minor adjustment? You would be in love, as I am with these fabulous headbands I got from Umm Ayana at Ummi's Originals by Ummi's House, mashaallah.

Just look at them:

wide headband underscarf from Ummi's House
The Wide Headband Under Scarf  from Ummi's House comes in 8 colors

The material is high quality, stretchy, but still tight. The elastic is nice and thick, keeping it where it is supposed to be. To wear as an underscarf, you just flatten out the headband part to it’s widest, and it's pretty wide when stretched without being bulky when relaxed. You can adjust where the elastic sits on the back of your head to make sure your ears are covered. Come on home, hang out at your girlfriend's house, just scrunch it back up to a headband style and you are good to go.

Look at that elastic! Inshaallah, that under scarf ain't going nowhere!

Mashaallah, I love it because it’s clever and well thought out. Muslimahs really need more Islamic clothing options that function well and are a pleasure to wear. These headband underscarves are on my go-to list for good, inshaallah.

Product Description from Ummi's House: These headbands are super versatile and great for hijabis. They double as a wide headband and under scarf allowing you to easily transform your hairstyle to wear under your hijab. All headbands are made from stretch knit and fit toddlers – adults.

Yes, I can vouch for these headbands fitting kids, as my 4 year old son just had to try one out!

The Under Scarf Wide Headband comes in a variety of colors (I got black and green) and retails for $6.99 at Ummi's Originals by Ummi's House.

Disclaimer: I wrote this review without being asked to and was not provided compensation for it. This post does not contain affiliate links.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Grandfather Elisha Bernett Moore

I came across this obituary for my grandfather. I could barely read the page due to the background and the Internet changes all the time, so I copied it here to have.

I sure do miss my grandparents and Uncle mentioned here. 

Elisha Bernett Moore, 97, died Monday, December 19, 2005. 

He was born January 17, 1908, in Union Grove, Blount County, Tennessee and is preceded in death by his wife Grace Simmons Moore, infant daughter Marion Grace Moore and younger son, David Richard Moore.  He is survived by his son J. Donald Moore of Maryville, granddaughters Barbara Bleidorn of Maryville, Sharon John of Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, Susan Gilday of Little Silver, New Jersey and Deborah Moore of Ocean, New Jersey.  He has seven great-grandsons and one great-granddaughter.

Elisha attended elementary school in Friendsville and graduated from Everett High School in 1928.  He studied engineering at UT and enlisted in the Navy in 1932 where he served almost 24 years.
His first naval assignment was the aircraft carrier Lexington (CV 2) during which he participated in the search for the lost aviator, Amelia Earhart.  His career included World War II and the Korean War.  During WW II, he served on ships of both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets and was commissioned as an officer rising to the rank of Lieutenant.  Following the war, he was part of the occupational force in Japan and participated in the testing of nuclear weapons in the Pacific.  When he retired in December 1955, he was stationed at Clarksville Naval Base in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Upon retirement, he and his family returned to Maryville where he became active in real estate, insurance and community affairs.  He was a member of the Maryville Civitan Club, the Maryville Rotary Club, the Masons, and the Shriners.  He was an active member of New Providence Presbyterian Church, Maryville, where he participated in activities of the Presbyterian Men, the Community Benefit Sale and Boy Scout Troop 88.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Encouraging STEM with the 3D Printers for Peace Contest

Hey folks! Hopefully someone will still notice this post because I haven't blogged in ages. I want to make this blog focus on homeschooling and educational resources, plus some daily life stuff, so here it goes...

Want to encourage STEM more in your homeschooling day or out of school time? Here is an way! Enter the 3D Printers for Peace Contest from the Michigan Technological University. 3D Printers have been making the news for the being able to print cheap guns.

The challenge presented in the contest is to create a use for 3D Printers that will benefit mankind. Something like cheap medical supplies, an innovation in renewable energy.

Jump into this contest with your kids! It really is a fantastic way to get kids thinking about real issues. These are the problems they will be faced with as adults; how to create and enhance technology that will truly benefit instead of harm. Anyone in the US or Canada can enter, including teams. I love the idea of making a team of kids to work on this project together.

Ideas must be open source, meaning freely available for everyone to use, and address a problem that humanity is facing. It's free to enter, but you need to be able to upload source files for your 3D design to Thingverse. I just downloaded SketchUp Make, Google's free 3D drawing software. I have never used it, but we'll give it a try. The deadline is September 1, 3013. Hopefully, we can come up with something by then inshaallah.

First place is a fully assembled 3D Printer! Will you enter?

Sunday, February 24, 2013 My New Crochet Wesbite

If you love to crochet or would even like to learn, check out my new website!
I have been wanting to build this forum for a long time and have finally gotten around to it, mashaallah. I am super excited and can't wait to start networking with other crocheters and knitters.

Some features include (so far) ability to put your Ravelry and Etsy usernames into your profile so it shows up under your username in the forums, an image gallery to show off your finished projects, and a destash sale and swap board

See you there!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Information on Mortgages from Sh. Ahmad An-Najmy

Here is some info on mortgages. I used to have this on my old blog and it was a very popular page, mashaallah.

I got this from an egroup. There was a note at the end of this post that appeared to be from someone else and an opinion of the speaker's, so I removed it.

The following is from an email question:
"With regards to my sitting with the Allaamah Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmee
(may Allah have mercy on him) last week,(Monday 2nd Sept '03) I will throw light on the question that was asked regarding the HSBC-Amanah / Kuwaiti bank type
transaction Inshallah:

Question: Shaykh, in England the price of land is very expensive and it is
not possible for Muslims to purchase property there. Except that previously
Muslims were dealing with usury, taking loans from banks. To avoid this some
banks now are beginning to offer what they call Islamic mortgages. They have
compiled a committee or "shura" of individuals specializing in the field of
Islamic banking. They are three individuals (and then I read their names to
the Shaykh from the HSBC booklet) do you know any of these Shaykh? [Reply:
No, I don't know any of them], Ok, shaykh in these contracts the following
aspects are involved:

1.      You chose a property and tell the bank about it

2.      The bank agrees to buy the property

3.      You sign a contract saying that you will buy the property from them
and rent it off them, such that your monthly repayments consist of:      a)
rent, b) repayments towards the house price, c) insurance which is

4.      The house remains in the name of the bank (the buyer) until such a
time as you pay your final payment towards the price of the house. At this
stage the house is transferred over to your name.

O Shaykh what is the ruling with regard to this transaction?

The Shaykh replied by saying that this transaction was not allowed due to
the following reasons:

1.      It consists of a contract within a contract, where you are
contracting to rent the property as well as buy it from them, and the
Prophet (sallallhualyhi wasallam) forbade dealings containing two sale
contracts in the same transaction. (Bay'atayn fee bay'ah)

2.      They are forcing you sign a contract upon their terms which may
contain truth or falsehood.

3.      It is not permissible to have a transaction with a precondition in
it (Bay'un wa shart) [as they lay down the precondition of you buying the
house from them, or that you rent the house from them]

4.      The transaction of "a rental agreement concluding with purchase"
(Al-eejaar al-muntahee ilat-tamleek) is a transaction that the committee of
major scholars have all agreed is an invalid (unislamic, impermissible)
transaction. [Note translated version of the fatwa the Shaykh is referring
to will follow inshallah.]

5.      The house should be transferred over as soon as the first payment is
made, not when the last payment is made.

6.      it is impermissible for them to sell you that which they do not own.

7.      Paying insurance is not allowed and unislamic.

The shaykh then continued to say that it is not at all permissible for the
shura of this bank to allow this type of transaction. Following this the
shaykh mentioned the terms of an alternative and permissible form of this

The Alternative:

1.      you chose a property

2.      tell the bank to buy it and you will buy it from them inshallah,
based on negotiations after and only after they have fully purchased the
property and a) taken hold of the title deeds and b) the previous owner has
relinquished it totally.

3.      At this stage you can start to negotiate with them. You may agree or
disagree but you are not bound prior to this to buy the property.

4.      It is permissible however for the bank to use the property as a form
of security in case payments are not kept up.

5.      Insurance is not allowed.

When I asked the shaykh if insurance was mandatory and it was the last of
the issues to consider this transaction permissible could it be considered
as the lesser of two harms? The shaykh replied cautiously: yes.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blocking Crochet Baby Blankets

I have been making baby blankets lately, hoping to give as gifts and eventually sell.
I made the Jolly Baby Throw from Lion Brand, but using Pound of Love instead. I'm getting used to the finishing process of blocking, which I never really did or paid attention to before. It makes a difference!

Here this blanket is being blocked without a blocking board. I used my wool rug and some towels over it. This didn't leave me much depth to push the pins in, but it worked out. The size is 36" x 36", and my blocking board is only for little squares.

A quick google search led me to lots of people making their own larger blocking boards for way cheaper than what you would pay for the size. I found this post on how to use checkered fabric with one inch squares over foam board, and I am starting to follow along. So far, I only just have the checkered fabric. I got 44" x 46" at Joann Fabric for under $4 with a coupon.

It made it much easier and faster to block this Little Victory blanket in Homespun. I washed it first before blocking and dried a little so it wouldn't be damp and take so long to dry. I had a lot of stretching to do!

I am heading our to AC Moore to hunt out the foam board. I can't wait to finish the blocking board!

On the other hand, I may be shelving or destashing the rest of the lemon yellow Homespun mill ends I bought from eBay. The mill ends are fine. I just haven't been won over by Homespun, and would like experiment with more natural fibers.