Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blocking Crochet Baby Blankets

I have been making baby blankets lately, hoping to give as gifts and eventually sell.
I made the Jolly Baby Throw from Lion Brand, but using Pound of Love instead. I'm getting used to the finishing process of blocking, which I never really did or paid attention to before. It makes a difference!

Here this blanket is being blocked without a blocking board. I used my wool rug and some towels over it. This didn't leave me much depth to push the pins in, but it worked out. The size is 36" x 36", and my blocking board is only for little squares.

A quick google search led me to lots of people making their own larger blocking boards for way cheaper than what you would pay for the size. I found this post on how to use checkered fabric with one inch squares over foam board, and I am starting to follow along. So far, I only just have the checkered fabric. I got 44" x 46" at Joann Fabric for under $4 with a coupon.

It made it much easier and faster to block this Little Victory blanket in Homespun. I washed it first before blocking and dried a little so it wouldn't be damp and take so long to dry. I had a lot of stretching to do!

I am heading our to AC Moore to hunt out the foam board. I can't wait to finish the blocking board!

On the other hand, I may be shelving or destashing the rest of the lemon yellow Homespun mill ends I bought from eBay. The mill ends are fine. I just haven't been won over by Homespun, and would like experiment with more natural fibers.


  1. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmahtulahi wa barakatuh

    I was trolling the net looking at pics of overhead abayas and your blog popped up on the search list. It only made sense to leave you a note!

    1. Wa laykum salaam wa rahmatullah. The post about the overhead abaya that I had for sale is so old and I get traffic from it all the time and emails from people asking if I still have. So if you ever start selling them inshaallah I will put a link on the post to you :)