Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fix for the Error Message on eBay Shipping: System Unavailable. Please Try Again Later.

If you are an eBay seller or even just trying to declutter to make some money, you have probably encountered this annoying error when trying to print a shipping label: "System Unavailable. Please Try Again Later". Don't try the same way again later, or you might be waiting for days to print your label and making your eBay buyers pretty mad.

This is a known bug in eBay's system. Shipping an eBay label through Paypal now redirects you through eBay's system, so the issues is there whether you print through eBay or Paypal. No word on how long it will take to fix, but in the meantime try these steps:

  • Clear your cache and cookies and retry.
  • Try a different browser. I can't print a shipping label from eBay or PayPal using Firefox. I can always print the shipping label from Chrome without problems.
  • Confirm every part of the buyer's address and edit out an errors. PayPal is really fickle about this.
  • Try printing through the order details instead.
  • Try another computer (really annoying, I know!)
  • Call eBay and tell them to get a move on fixing it!

Hope this helps!

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