Monday, October 21, 2013

Plastic Charm Necklaces - 80s Flashbacks

I have vivid memories of ‘80s plastic charm necklaces. These were a big hit at recess time. The necklaces were plastic links that had enough room to clip on various charms. The charms were all fun, some were a little wacky and weird, each had a little bell. All the girls would wear their plastic charm necklaces to school and at recess time would gather round to see what charms everyone had gotten new.

I remember everyone wanted the toilet because we were kids and that was just too funny. My favorite was a little blue book that had a button on the side to close it. The pages were different colors and I used to write little secrets in there. I so wish I had kept these. It is so tempting to go to eBay and buy some, but they can be a hot item and all my cash goes to da bills these days.

I hope you enjoyed my 1980s plastic charm necklace flashback.

Do you have a favorite flashback?

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