Friday, July 11, 2014

Bubblews Payment Proof - Paid After 18 Days - July 2014

If you are writing on Bubblews currently, you will have noticed that redemptions are taking longer than before. I have heard that some people are waiting up to 3 weeks. Here is my email from Paypal saying Bubblews has sent payment. This is 18 days after submitting for my earnings and for the full amount that was in my bank at the time. Since redeeming I have made $38, only $12 away from cashing out again.

I know there are a few people writing reviews that Bubblews is a scam. I wanted to post my payment proofs from time to time to show that Bubblews does indeed pay. 

The site is best used if you really get to know your fellow bloggers and make friends, instead of hopping from one article to the next liking and posting random generic comments. I look forward to having time to "bubble" and catch up on my favorite writers and online buddies.

Are you making money blogging with Bubblews? Any issues with getting paid?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Submitting for Payment from Bubblews - June 2014

I've been blogging with Bubblews since March 2013 and thought it would be good to keep track of my payment requests (or redemptions as it's called in Bubble speak) here where instead of on Bubblews. My last payment was on May 2nd for $50.20. This was the first time I got the message that payments can take up to 7 days due to high volume. It was closer to 10 days, but that's ok. I did get my payment.

Submitted for Bubblews Payment 6/23/2014

So for anyone wondering, "Does Bubblews pay?" you can follow my bubblews tag or subscribe to my posts. I'll update if I get paid or not.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letting Our Butterflies Go!

I have seen so many homeschool bloggers posts on raising butterflies with their kids, that I needed to give it a try. It seemed like a fun way to let the boys understand metamorphosis and have more appreciation for other living things. 

We ordered the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden. First you get the mesh pop up habitat you can see in the picture, then you redeem a coupon that comes in the box for 5 caterpillars to arrive by mail (which required $5 for shipping). 

The caterpillars bulk up on the supplied food, shed their skin many times, and then hang upside down on a paper disc on top of the cup. They then form their chrysalises. We then carefully removed the paper disc, cleaned up their webbing and hung the disc to the side of the mesh habitat. And waited!

And after about 7 days, butterflies emerged, subhanAllah! They had small wings at first that quickly grew as they stretched and pumped blood into their veins. We got to see the butterflies move their proboscis (straw-like tongue) in and out, that was pretty cool.

The butterflies need to be feed with sugar water sprinkled on flowers. We kept them for a few days and then it was time for them to fly!

It didn't take long for them to realize they were free. Off they went!

The boys hope to see them in the yard, inshaallah.

We had a great experience ordering this kit, getting the shipments and email reminders on time. I would recommend the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden for a great hands on project.

This post contains my affiliate link. If you make a purchase through my link, I do get a commission. Thanks for your support!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Downtime on Bubblews - It's Getting Out of Hand!

I've been blogging on the site Bubblews for over a year now. I really do like this site, which pays you per pageview and like for your posts. In theory, you can use Bubblews to bring in a nice side stay at home income. I find the more I write there, the more I have to say and end up enjoying networking with other bloggers (or Bubblers, as they call it).

To date, there are 168,000 members who can write up to 10 posts per day. If you want to use it as a personal blog, then great, side money for you! If you want to get into SEO and really plan out your posts with good, original pictures, then you could potentially make some nice cash.

But, and it's a big BUT, the site has appeared to get too big too soon. The downtime and server errors on the site are becoming unbearable. It is constant downtime and gateway time-out errors early morning EST, when everyone is waking up and trying to bubble with their coffee. The rest of the day is not much better at all.

I'm really drawn to freelance writing as a way to add to my work at home income. Bubblews was a beginner's site I wanted to try. The pay is actually the best so far I have seen, so it became a daily habit. I wish this could continue.

Bubblews' CEO and staff promise updates and upgrades are coming in July, reminiscent of what older members heard last year. Last year, the updates didn't amount to much at all other than some consmetic changes. I worry for this website. Can they pull it off? Hurry up and get your act together before someone with the tech know-how runs with it, please!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

We want a summer break

I had these grand ideas to homeschool year round. I kept reading wonderful accounts of families going so many weeks on and then having a week or two off through the whole year and how nice it is to know there is always a break coming up. But as the weather heats up, the days are nicer, I just realized it's not for me.

Mom needs a break, some kind of break. Hopefully a fun one with lots of day trips and adventures and learning still going on. I plan to have lots of books around and games and puzzles and their own interests, but I'm looking forward to time to relax and eventually start planning some more for fall.

U, ds7, was talking about his brother's end of the year party, which is code for cake and water balloons with friends. I said well, it's your party too, you are finishing up for the year. "Mom, I was homeschooled this year?" I love this! It made me smile. He has learned so much this year. I'm happy with his progress, mashaallah and apparently he didn't notice, just living and learning I guess.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Could you, would you leave social media for good?

made using public domain image found here:

For a while now, I've been reading lots of articles from people fed up with social networking, Facebook being the main culprit. I say for a while because I end up reading these perspectives to give myself a little encouragement each of the several times I've tried to get rid of Facebook. It's like a bad relationship in its death throes; there's always some unhealthy reason to go back. For me, it was I still had website pages and apps on Facebook that wouldn't exist anymore without my account being active - the horror!

Without being able to deactivate or delete my account, it was just too easy to keep checking the feed. Finally, I set up an empty account and transferred the pages and apps to that lonely non-person. I took the plunge and deleted Facebook just a few days ago. But there's a catch. You must wait 2 weeks after requesting to have your account deleted before it will actually get deleted. Any time you log in between now and then will cancel your deletion and make you an active user again.

I feel kind of lame leaving my website Facebook pages open. If I find the site a waste of time, why bother inflicting it on others? I'm not sure, I guess part of me thinks anything creative will suffer if I don't have a presence online. Really, I think the opposite it true. Social media seems to suck the soul out of your creativity.

I won't recreate all the complaints about social media. The blog Facebook Detox and this post, Why I Deleted My Social Media Accounts are more articulate and well-thought out arguments that I could ever muster. I can say I felt free when I deleted my Facebook account. I was annoying on there. Everyone is annoying on there if they post daily. It all becomes pretty redundant. How many times have you seen a post about 5 Things You Need to Stop Posting on Facebook. I've seen this type of post so many times and each time it's just a little bit different so that if you take all the advice you can come to the conclusion that no one cares about anything anyone else has to say online, ever.

For an Islamic perspective there were 2 things starting to trouble me: wasting time and giving an audience to anyone with an opinion about the deen. We have "scholars" performing comedy routines now for likes. And you try to share something from a qualified scholar refuting the dilution of ilm, let the unfriending and flaming begin. What a waste of time!

Of course, don't take my word for it. Listen to what a scholar of the past has left us with, way before this world of social media was ever a thought:

Imaam Ibn Qayyim (rahimahu-Allaah) said:

“Regret for wasted time should be deep, for time passes quickly and it is difficult to make up what you have missed. Time for the worshiper is a time for worship and reciting awraad (adhkar), and for the devoted Muslim it is time for turning to Allaah عز و جل and focusing on Him سبحانه وتعالى with all his heart.

Time is the dearest thing to him and he would feel very sad if time passes without him doing what he is meant to do. If he misses time, he can never make it up, because a second time has its own duties. So if he misses time, there is no way he can bring it back.”

(Madaarij al-Saalikin, 3/49)

How many years have you been on Facebook? Has it been quality time?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ideas for Giving Kids Their Space in a Small Apartment

Kids need their own space. Siblings can be annoying and parents maybe, too. Children like to run away to their own little world where adults can't find them. 

If they don't have enough room to hide in once in a while, they will just come up with their own solutions. I found these picture from the apartment we where living in last year, five of us and two guinea pigs.

My oldest, then 8, craved quiet to do school work,
so he set up a little station in the coat closet. 

He wasn't betting on company!

U is a big snuggler. He loved to curl up in little places like this big shelf in the built-in hutch. My "get down from there" instincts were kicking in, but I realized he needed this little spot.

Of course, blanket tents are an all-time favorite. 
You can look for big clips at the dollar store. I scored some good quality ones there and the boys use them for holding up blankets. This also has the added benefit of keeping them busy for hours!

photo credit: Creative Commons license smwright on flikr

And of course, to keep from going totally crazy with kids in a small apartment, get outside!