Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ideas for Giving Kids Their Space in a Small Apartment

Kids need their own space. Siblings can be annoying and parents maybe, too. Children like to run away to their own little world where adults can't find them. 

If they don't have enough room to hide in once in a while, they will just come up with their own solutions. I found these picture from the apartment we where living in last year, five of us and two guinea pigs.

My oldest, then 8, craved quiet to do school work,
so he set up a little station in the coat closet. 

He wasn't betting on company!

U is a big snuggler. He loved to curl up in little places like this big shelf in the built-in hutch. My "get down from there" instincts were kicking in, but I realized he needed this little spot.

Of course, blanket tents are an all-time favorite. 
You can look for big clips at the dollar store. I scored some good quality ones there and the boys use them for holding up blankets. This also has the added benefit of keeping them busy for hours!

photo credit: Creative Commons license smwright on flikr

And of course, to keep from going totally crazy with kids in a small apartment, get outside!


  1. I know what it's like to live in small spaces with a set of active kids! I can't help but laugh when your poor boy just wanted some peace and quiet to do his homework, then his siblings came in and totally took up all the space there lol. My kids make tents just like those on from the clothes line up on my terrace. :)

    1. Yes, they follow him everywhere. :p
      I think a clothes line tent is an awesome idea!