Friday, June 13, 2014

Downtime on Bubblews - It's Getting Out of Hand!

I've been blogging on the site Bubblews for over a year now. I really do like this site, which pays you per pageview and like for your posts. In theory, you can use Bubblews to bring in a nice side stay at home income. I find the more I write there, the more I have to say and end up enjoying networking with other bloggers (or Bubblers, as they call it).

To date, there are 168,000 members who can write up to 10 posts per day. If you want to use it as a personal blog, then great, side money for you! If you want to get into SEO and really plan out your posts with good, original pictures, then you could potentially make some nice cash.

But, and it's a big BUT, the site has appeared to get too big too soon. The downtime and server errors on the site are becoming unbearable. It is constant downtime and gateway time-out errors early morning EST, when everyone is waking up and trying to bubble with their coffee. The rest of the day is not much better at all.

I'm really drawn to freelance writing as a way to add to my work at home income. Bubblews was a beginner's site I wanted to try. The pay is actually the best so far I have seen, so it became a daily habit. I wish this could continue.

Bubblews' CEO and staff promise updates and upgrades are coming in July, reminiscent of what older members heard last year. Last year, the updates didn't amount to much at all other than some consmetic changes. I worry for this website. Can they pull it off? Hurry up and get your act together before someone with the tech know-how runs with it, please!

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