Sunday, June 1, 2014

We want a summer break

I had these grand ideas to homeschool year round. I kept reading wonderful accounts of families going so many weeks on and then having a week or two off through the whole year and how nice it is to know there is always a break coming up. But as the weather heats up, the days are nicer, I just realized it's not for me.

Mom needs a break, some kind of break. Hopefully a fun one with lots of day trips and adventures and learning still going on. I plan to have lots of books around and games and puzzles and their own interests, but I'm looking forward to time to relax and eventually start planning some more for fall.

U, ds7, was talking about his brother's end of the year party, which is code for cake and water balloons with friends. I said well, it's your party too, you are finishing up for the year. "Mom, I was homeschooled this year?" I love this! It made me smile. He has learned so much this year. I'm happy with his progress, mashaallah and apparently he didn't notice, just living and learning I guess.

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