Friday, July 11, 2014

Bubblews Payment Proof - Paid After 18 Days - July 2014

If you are writing on Bubblews currently, you will have noticed that redemptions are taking longer than before. I have heard that some people are waiting up to 3 weeks. Here is my email from Paypal saying Bubblews has sent payment. This is 18 days after submitting for my earnings and for the full amount that was in my bank at the time. Since redeeming I have made $38, only $12 away from cashing out again.

I know there are a few people writing reviews that Bubblews is a scam. I wanted to post my payment proofs from time to time to show that Bubblews does indeed pay. 

The site is best used if you really get to know your fellow bloggers and make friends, instead of hopping from one article to the next liking and posting random generic comments. I look forward to having time to "bubble" and catch up on my favorite writers and online buddies.

Are you making money blogging with Bubblews? Any issues with getting paid?