Friday, January 23, 2015

Wrapping up my experience writing at Bubblews

Many of the writers at Bubblews think that the site is in its death throes. Sadly, I kind of agree. The site has slipped from my mind and I am no longer counting it in my online work at home eggs as I doubt I will ever reach the $50 redemption limit anytime soon.

A lot of changes came about. The biggest one being they no longer pay us for pageviews. The pageview payout of 1 cent per view was beating anything I was making on my fiber arts blog, so Bubblews was where I had to focus more attention. You could share a post on Twitter and see your bank go up $0.20, $0.30 right away. That wasn't happening on my other sites, so it was all about the Bubble.

more than I'm making at Bubblews, CC license no attribution required
During one of the many week long breaks from the site, the admins had removed whole or several payments ("redemptions") from writers' banks. This was the worst for many people. I think the writers could handle knowing there was a change in pay, but having pay removed was a morale killer. So now it is just harder to find people to connect, like and comment on your posts.

I will pop in and see if my friends there are posting, maybe once a month they do. I post once and a while to test the waters and I read the CEO's posts to see how they explain themselves, in poetry apparently. And I check in to see if the promised "big changes coming soon" have indeed been put into place, not yet. That's where I'm at with the site.

My sad, sad bank on Bubblews. I have been stuck at $9 for over a month!

One really positive thing about my experience being on Bubblews is that it loosened up my writing. But I would say don't hunt out these sites, like Tsu now, and write for them. Write for yourself and you will be in control. If you want to make money online, start a blog and focus on building it up. It takes time, but it's worth it. Don't rely on anything online except yourself!

I'm having a blast blogging for myself, meeting new people and building up a community with people who share my interest. If it's mismanaged to the point of failure, at least I can say that was my own fault. Take the Bubblews drama and your sad, sad bank as a push to go to the next level.

Learn about blogging and jump in. I suggest the Learn to Blog hangouts and the book How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. Both of these resources I have found to be a great help.

Are you leaving Bubblews or staying? Do you have your own blog too?
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