Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's almost Ramadan, so eat!

I'm trying to move towards a healthy relationship with food. Ramadan is on the way, and while it is a time to reflect on our spiritual self, issues with our physical self will come up.

I've been on a health kick since December, so 6 months now, and have done a lot of thinking about food, fitness, calories, fasting, etc. I'd like to get these reflections out of my head and hopefully connect with other people on their weight loss fitness journey. 

Sharing here a reflection from Ramadan 2014. I feel a lot of my mindset has changed, but leaving that for another day.

The “It’s almost Ramadan” excuse has wrecked havoc on my weight loss goals one too many times. Especially with being in North America and Ramadan being in the summer months for the last several years, you tend to not worry about one extra helping of cobbler when you have a month of 16 hours fasts ahead of you. You don’t want to think about “too many” calories when breaking your fast either, although the wrong foods will put you to sleep.

But I gotta cut it out! Last few years I have lost less weight than the others and gained it back too quickly. But always a few pounds shy of where I was before, so that helps.
Ok, I know fasting is not about weight. But it is a tool to help us stay healthy, and my weight is not healthy right now. Not too bad, but I’m not happy where I’m at either.

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